Single Mum Big Boob Fun

March 11, 2009

Dear Diary…

I had to go to a birthday party this afternoon, at a local children’s indoor playcentre.  It was Mike’s little boys birthday, he was 8 today.  I was there to give Mike a hand with everything, although i the end I was little more than a spare part.

We were there for about half an hour before other parents started to bring in their children.  Their were meant to be about 15 kids, but only 11 turned up, however a few of them had younger or older brothers and sisters, so we ended up with 17 kids at the party.  Horrible, screaming, bouncing, jumping, thumping, kicking, violent, crying children.  It was horrible.

A couple of the parents decided to hang around rather than just drop their kids and leave…I guess they had nothing else to do.  Anyway, one of them, a young woman in her mid 20’s who’d brought along a small boy of around 5 years old, noticed I was uncomfortable.  She’d stood along the outside wall, trying to blend in.  I was doing the same on the opposite wall.  Anyway, we got to talking.

Turns out that her boyfriend left her just before her kid was born, and shacked up with another woman.  That was a few years ago and she’d not been in a serious relationship ever since.  After a while, we went out of the party room and sat down in the restaurant area for a coffee (and some peace and quiet).

As she sat opposite me I could take in properly how hot she was.  Piercing blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, long and tied back in a pony tail which fell to around the middle of her back.  She wore some hippy, new-age blouse type thing, off-white and a little see-through, under which she wore a dark, possibly black bra which encased two very large boobs.  Her cleavage was revealed by the plunging neckline and open buttons of her blouse.

Those tits were pretty amazing, so much so that I found it difficult to sit opposite her at the small round table and concentrate on what she was talking to me about.  I think she noticed this, because she cleared her throat in an insistent, look at my face, not my tits, kind of way.

Embarrassed, I apologised and told her I was somewhere else for a moment there.  She said it was ok, everyone stares at my tits, and then laughed it off.

Anyway, the party ended while we were sat, and she collected her little boy and went home, saying that it was nice to meet me, and next time she wear something a little less revealing so that I could concentrate a bit better on her words!  She smiled a cheeky smile and left.

I walked home, about 2 miles.  It was raining a little, so I looked for somewhere to shelter, but there was nowhere.  I came across a field, in which was a small outcrop of trees, so I ran for them and sheltered there for a bit.

I thought of the young woman at the party, what was her name?  Katie I think she said.  She was a skinny girl, with pouting lips, big tits and long legs.  Almost your stereotypical beauty queen if it were not for the fact that she was a young mum.

I thought more of her boobs under her revealing hippy-blouse, and imagine her without the bra.  I thought of her big nipples, and the fabric coursing over them as her tits wobbled left to right, up and down, her nipples getting hard as the friction aroused them.

Suddenly she stood in front of me, no kid in toe, and released her massive jugs from her blouse, unbuttoning it and pulling it aside.  She said everyone stares at my tits and grabbed my hand, pulling up to cup a fleshy mound.  She shoved her own hand down the front of her cotton trousers and moaned, her other hand undone my belt and pulled the button of my jeans, then unzipped my fly.  My jeans fell to my ankles as I reached another hand up to give her other tit a squeeze while she reached into my shorts to pull out my cock.

she told me straight, I want your cum, its been so long since I last felt hot cum on my tits.  She started jacking me off, twisting her hand a little as she moved up and down my shaft.  She gave the end of my dick the occasional lick and suck as she dropped to her knees.

I watched her as she went to it, like a thing possessed she wanted nothing more than my cum on her breasts.  I leaned against a tree and let her work.  She used one hand on my cock, the other alternated between each tit and nipple, sometimes dipping in and out of her trousers for a quick frig of her clit.

She was like a pro, she made me shoot my load within just a few minutes, my jizz splashed her big boobs, her neck and chin, then ran down between her cleavage and down on to her flat stomach.

She said, …that’s not enough, I want more… Katie then took my whole cock deep into her mouth and fucked me with her face, all the while massaging my cum into her skin.  She looked so hot, and dirty doing this that my cock quickly regained it’s strength.

As soon as she felt my dick hard become hard again she resumed her actions from before, up down, twisting, licking sucking, all the while rubbing my semen into her skin, over her tits, her face and hair.  It was almost as if she needed the cum to survive!!!

I watched as the dirty bitch with big tits did all this, and shot another load over her, this mostly landing on her face and hair, she yelped with glee and sucked my dick some more, until it hung flaccid in her mouth.  She licked my dick clean, then sucked my balls for good measure.

Then she was gone.

I pulled the handy packet of Kleenex from my inside jacket pocket, cleaned my hands up and carried on walking home.

I bumped in to Katie again on my way home, in a shop.  She said Hi then sorry, I got my jacket zipped up and chuckled as she left the shop.  I laughed and then went home.

Katie was pretty fine looking, but not really my type.  Sure, she had big tits, but I like a little more weight on my women.  Good job I have the wife for the real thing!

I’ve Fallen In Love… Again

March 9, 2009

Dear Diary…

I never thought it would be possible for me to fall in love with another pair of extraordinary boobs, my wife’s tits are the most beautiful big boobs I have ever seen, but then I came across a blog called Bra Explosion and saw this photo.

BRAXDamned this girl has a hell of a rack!  I couldn’t find any more pictures of her, there wasn’t a link to anymore, but aren’t those tits fucking stunning?

I’d just love to stick my dick in her mouth then cum all over those massive jugs.

No doubt she will be in my next fantasy, and probably a few more after that.  I want to be that belt!

The Cinema Blonde

March 7, 2009

Dear Diary…

I went to the cinema tonight.  Watchmen was on and I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time.

I sat about 6 rows down from the back, three seats in from the aisle.  At about 20 minutes in to the film, a girl and her boyfriend walked in, talking in hushed tones, but were obviously fighting.  They sat next to me, the girl immediately to my right, the bloke to her right.  They continued to argue for another 10 minutes, both ignoring the film.

As they fought I took a good look at her profile.  She was in her early twenties at the most, and had blonde hair, pulled back in a short pony tail.  She wore a black and white vest-stop, with one thin strap falling off her shoulder causing the top to drop a little further than intended.

Her breasts were a good handful in size, maybe a C-cup, maybe a D, and she wore not bra so far as I could see, since her tits were spread showing no definite cleavage, nor were there any bra straps to see. 

She wore a dark, short skirt which rested on her thighs and dark knee-high boots with no heals.

Just as I finished looking, and turned back to the film her boyfriend got up, called her a bitch just loud enough for pretty much everyone in the cinema to hear, and then stormed off, muttering something.

I leaned in and asked if she was ok, she looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes and said, he’s cheating on me.  She then started to watch the film like it was the most important thing in the world.

I turned and continued watching the film myself.

At about the half-way point in the movie, I felt my mind start to wonder, and suddenly the blondes manicured fingers were undoing my zipper and pulling out my limp dick.  She dropped to her knees before my and took my soft dick into her mouth and sucked slow, wrapping her talented tongue around the head, moving my cock over her lips until I was hard.  She shoved my dick right to the back of her throat and held it there, making herself gag.

The fantasy stopped there.  I could feel my dick pushing hard against my trousers, and heard a giggle to my right.  I looked over and saw the blonde had her eyes focused, not on the screen, but at my crotch.

I cleared my throat and returned to watching the film.  I just had to grin and bear the embarrassment until the end of the film!

After the movie finished I waited for the blonde to leave her seat, and for a few more people to follow her down the aisle, making sure there was enough space between us before getting up and leaving myself.

I walked home, taking the back ways, until I got to the cemetery.  It was dark in there among the trees.  And quiet too.

I pulled my trousers down around my ankles.  The night air cooling my balls.  My dick was still semi-rigid.  I leaned with my back against a tree and let my mind drift back to my cinema fantasy.

The blonde continued gagging with my cock in her throat.  Once again she pulled it out, this time letting go of it, turning around to drape her body over the chair in front, and hitched up her tiny skirt.

She wore no knickers, and had a shaven, hairless pussy.  I leaned forward and licked it once, tasting her.  Then I shoved my tongue deep into her asshole.  The blonde stiffened a little, and then relaxed as I dragged my tongue down to her waiting pussy again.  I shoved my face hard against her minge, licking deep and hungrily, she let out small yelps of please.

My dick strained harder, so I pulled her back into my lap, my dick sank into her pussy, she screamed loud.  Others in the cinema shhhh’d her, so she bit her lip and started thrusting hard onto my dick.

She reached around and shoved a couple of fingers into her own asshole, retrieved them and stuck them into her mouth.  I pushed her off my dick, and then pulled her hard back on to it, asshole first.  She continued to bite her lip.

I fucked her hard in the ass until I came.  Cum squirted deep into her anus.  The blonde draped her hot, sweaty body over the chair in front, reaching around to her ass again, this time to scoop cum in to her hands and push it hungrily into her mouth.

I wiped my messy hand on some leaves and left for home.

I thought the film was crap though.  Talk about an anti-climax!

A Special Service from the Service Desk Girl

March 6, 2009

Dear Diary…

Yesterday was a long day.  I had to walk all over town taking care of different things.  My first stop was the local council offices, I had to get some housing issues sorted.

While there I saw a few pretty girls.  One who, like me, was waiting to be taken into one of the small cubicle rooms for interview, was was a rather tall brunette girl, wearing tight fitting washed denim jeans that showed off her long shapely legs and pert ass.  She wore a tight pink, ribbed vest top that accentuated large boobs but showed no cleavage.  Her hair was lightly permed, but tied back in a pony tale.  I did not get a good look at her face, but I did see that her lip was pierced as was her nose and eye-brow.

The potential for a masturbatory fantasy later on in the day ended their.  I find facial piercings a big turn off.

Another girl, probably about 19 years old, skinny with a decent rack on her, sat behind the service desk looking up at me from behind a pair of thin, delicate reading glasses.

She wore a tight, black top that revealed no skin at all, and smart trousers.  Her hair was dyed a very deep shade of brown, almost black, and fell straight to just above her shoulders.  She was pretty, and very prim.

She spoke with a meek voice, barely audible above the already quiet waiting area, and I found that to be rather cute.  I thought to myself, while I stood in front of her at that service desk, how I’d love to mess her up – sweaty, dribbling her juices while she ate my cum.

As I sat awaiting my turn I watched the receptionist work.  At one point she stood up, turned and walked to the photocopier.  Her ass was wide but high.  Something to hold on to I thought to myself.

I felt by dick coming to life, and realised at that moment that I ought to stop looking at and thinking about this girl, otherwise in a minute I’d have to stand with my cock straining to get lose and the old woman sitting opposite me, even with her likely poor vision, would certainly notice!

I kept the service desk girl in my mind until later this evening.  After the house was dark and the wife was asleep, I pulled back the bed covers and started thinking of the service desk girl, while reaching to the side and playing with my wife’s big, naked tits.  I like wanking off in the night while laying with her big jugs and thinking of somebody else, it makes the experience a whole lot more fun!

My hard dick was straining in my hand while I jerked off, the service desk girl on my mind the whole time.  She had pulled off her tight black top to reveal two shapely breast (no bra) each topped with a hard nipple.  Her skin was white as milk, which was accentuated by her black, sating panties which she pulled to the left to reveal a hairy bush. 

I could see the glint of wetness on her pubic hair as she shoved three fingers hard into her muff, and pulled them out again, sucking each finger one at a time deep into her mouth.  Once again she shoved three long fingers into her damp mound, this time moving them in and out, in and out, crying out in pleasure as she watched me jerk off too.

She tore off her panties in one swift motion, then lay upon the cold slate floor, raising her hips she continued her furious masturbation, pummelling her pussy hard with her fingers.  She screamed as she came, and I came too, shooting my load all over her creamy body.  She rubbed the white batter into her skin then licked her fingers clean before reaching up to grab my cock and pull it into her mouth.  She gave me one long, hard suck, draining the last dregs of semen from my dick and disappeared.

I looked over at my wife, who continued to sleep, uninterrupted by my tit grabbing.  I looked at her tits and saw splashes of my cum all over them.  I thought about how to best go about cleaning her tits up, then thought fuck it.  I turned over and fell asleep.

Ticket’s Please!

March 5, 2009

Dear Diary…

I had to ride a train again today today, I wouldn’t mind catching the train but the station platform is so exposed to the elements, it gets really cold.

I was on the return journey home and had my ticket ready for whenever the ticket collector came along, and she did just a few minutes later.

I sat their waiting while she collected tickets from the other passengers, listening to an audiobook on my iPod, looking at her.  She seemed tall to me, since I was sat down while she stood, but really she was only around 5’5” at the most, and she wore the blue train conductors uniform that revealed very little of her body.  As she turned to face another passenger I noticed her ass pushed out against her blue trousers, which were otherwise quite loose, indicating her ass wasn’t as small as I had first thought.

Her tits pushed out at her white and navy blue blouse, separating the lapels of her jacket enough to reveal that her boobs were quite sizable.  I saw as she stepped closer that her blouse was a little small, since her buttons seemed to be straining at the size of her tits, and the blouse separated a little, stretching the fabric.

Her hair was long, falling to just a little above her ample breasts, and fell straight.  It was a red/brown colour which accentuated her rosy cheeks and dark hazel eyes.  Her full lips were painted a deep red/brown, slightly darker than the colour of her hair, behind which sat gleaming white teeth.

When she arrived at my seat, she reached down to my leg where my ticket lay waiting.  I did not intend for her to take it from there, I was lost in my thoughts of fucking her.  As she reached down I could smell her sweet perfume.  Her scent, and her reaching to my leg, all the while looking and smiling at me made my dick stiffen.

She took my ticket, gave some kind of have a nice journey remark and moved on.

I looked over my shoulder and watched as she went up the aisle, collecting more tickets as she went.  She must have sensed she was being stared at as she looked back at me and smiled again.

She left the carriage and I never saw her again.

I stood up, grabbed my backpack and went to the toilet. I need to shoot a load there and then, my dick was hard as rock and I knew it wouldn’t go away anytime soon.

Using my bag to hide my bulging trousers, I walked up the aisle to the toilet, walked in, locked the door behind me, pulled down my trousers and grabbed my enraged cock.  I started thinking of the ticket collector walking in after me, tearing her clothes off and kneeling down in front of me.  Shove that hard dick in my mouth now she tells me fuck my mouth.

I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock in her mouth, roughly fucking her throat.  I ignored her pushing away and fucked her face faster and faster.  Her big tits wobbling around, slapping together and making a noise. 

She pulled back hard, my cock fell from her mouth and thick strands of spit fell from her mouth to her big breasts, which she grabbed and pushed together, now fuck my tits and cum on my face she told me.

I complied, rubbing my erection between her big tits, she looked up at me pouting, the tilted her head forward to lick the end of my cock each time I thrust towards her.  Suddenly I came, shooting thick streams of hot, white sticky mess up and over her neck, her chin and her lips.  She scooped up the mess from her face and pushed it into her mouth, greedily sucking down every last drop, smiling her gleaming white smile the whole time.  When she was done, she licked my softening dick clean.

Then I heard the P.A. system of the train, announcing that we were coming to my next stop.  The girl was gone, leaving just a sticky mess on the back of the door in front of me.  I quickly cleaned it up with a few squares of tissue, washed my hands, pulled up my trousers and straightened my clothes before exiting the toilet. 

As I walked out of the door, I bumped straight into the ticket collector.  I felt her big tits push up against me and her scent rushed in through my nostrils.  My dick hardened once again.  She apologised and went on about her business, looking back and smiling at me once more.

The train came to a halt and I exited onto the platform.  I went home.

I wonder how long she had stood outside that toilet door?  Did she know what I was doing?  I will likely never see her again, so I don’t much care… but if she did know, did it turn her on?

The Letting Agent & The Train Station

March 4, 2009

Dear Diary

I had to travel on the train today, to go out and pay my rent.  Since being made redundant making ends meet has been a struggle, and despite my best efforts I could only pay a small contribution, and promised the rest would come soon.

The woman at the letting office has big, fuzzy dark brown hair, a slim build and small tits.  She’s nothing special to look at, her face is too masculine to be attractive, but that seems to mostly come from age, rather than being a fucking tranny.

However, as she raised from her comfortable office chair and moved to another desk to retrieve the receipt book, I could not help but notice (actually, I made a point to look) that she had a wonderfully tight ass, housed within smart, dark blue suit trousers.  As she bent over to reach the other side of the desk where the book was, I saw how her butt cheeks tightened and felt a twitching in my cock.  I knew then that would be the sight I saw in my minds eye as I had a good wank later in the day.

I got back to the train station and looked at the monitor displaying the train times and felt annoyance when I read that the next train would not come along for nearly an hour, and found a seat to park my ass upon while I waited in the freezing cold.

My mind started creeping back to that bitch’s tight ass and once again my cock began to twitch between my legs.  I looked around and saw there was only a woman, a skinny thing, about 20 years old and ugly as an old boot, probably a druggy, sitting across the way from me on the other platform, obscured almost completely from view by a partition wall to her left, preventing her from seeing me clearly.  Other than her, nobody was around.  My dick started coming more to life, getting harder in my trousers despite the cold air.

I looked around again, no camera’s.  Good.  If I were to knock one off there and then, I wouldn’t want to be caught on film doing it! Lord only knows what kind of trouble that would bring, especially since I was only a few miles from home.  The station was quiet.  No trains were due for at least twenty minutes.  Plenty of time.

Unzipping my fly I could already feel the heat from my semi erect cock, even before it was out of my boxers.  I reached a frozen hand inside and enjoyed the cold touch, the sensation dulled my erection a little at first, but the stimulation grew shortly afterwards.  I pulled my cock out through my fly and slowly began to stroke up and down.  The thrill of doing this in public making my hard-on harder, I started undressing that skinny letting agents ass my my head.

Thinking about her bent over that desk, still dressed in her well fitted, figure hugging blue suit, with her fuzzy hair falling over her shoulders, and her trousers around her ankles made me rock solid.  I began imagining her panties; they were dark purple and lacy, half covering each perfectly formed ass cheek and showing an even darker spot low down between her legs, caused by the dampening of her sweet, trimmed pussy.

She reached around, grabbing her panties and pulled them aside, sliding an exploratory finger over her asshole, and left her panties in this exposing position while placing her hands back over the desk.

The station P.A. system made me jump as I continued to hold my dick in my hand.  It announced some crap about this being a non-smoking station – a seemingly automatic message which repeated itself every 10 minutes or so.  I continued to tug on my dick, I could feel the blood getting hotter with and knew that it would be long before I spilled my load.

I started jerking faster, thinking of the letting agent pulling her ass cheeks apart, puckering her tight little ass hole for me to see, never looking over her should at me.  In my head I could see myself shooting hot, creamy semen over that puckered hole, watching it run down over her pussy and then I cock twitched one last time before shooting streams of sticky cum over my hand, onto the station platform floor in front of the bench I sat on.

I tucked my penis away and scraped my shoe over the cum on the floor, to hide the fact that it was what it was.  The letting agent and her depraved behaviour was out of my mind now and I concentrated on composing myself.  My breathing was rougher than before, my head a little clammy in the cold air and my hand covered in my sticky mess.  I pulled a tissue from my back pack and wiped my hands.  I then went to the station toilet to clean up properly.

I left the toilets, and made my way to the other end of the platform, sitting directly opposite the druggy woman who still sat on the other platform.  Soon, I thought to myself, my train will arrive.

It was quite a thrill tossing off in such a public place, I must do it again.

The Girl In The Cafe

March 3, 2009

Dear Diary…

I often go to the same cafe in town for a coffee.  I like it because it is clean and comfortable.  With soft sofa’s and low tables, it has a good social atmosphere, plus as an added bonus they offer free internet access too, so I can sup my coffee while reading over my emails.

Today though, I could not find a table to myself as the place was filled with college students, so I asked a young brunette woman if she would mind me sharing her table, she said it was fine.  I sat down opposite her and unpacked my laptop, added sugar to my coffee and removed my hat and coat.  It was cold outside, but in the cafe it was warm.

I turned on my laptop and stirred my coffee, and then thought I’d have a good look at the girl sitting opposite me.  She was a biggish girl, probably a size 18, with attractive, soft looking, pale skin and green/grey eyes.  Her hair fell a little below her shoulders, with a slight curl.  She wore a brown, very low-cut top made of some sheer fabric which showed off her more than ample cleavage and some evidence of a lacy, black bra.

I guessed she stood about 5’6” – but this was difficult to judge as she was sat, relaxing on the sofa.

The girl initiate small talk, some crap about the weather or something, but I wasn’t really interested in talking.  I was more interested in those giant tits.  I could feel a stirring in my jeans at this point, and cursed the clear glass-top tables, worrying that she may notice a twitching between my legs.  I positioned my laptop so that she would not be able to see anything.

Try as I might, I could not get my focus of those huge knockers.  I think she noticed, because when I looked out of the window, then back to my laptop and then up at her exposed cleavage again, her top was pulled down a little more – she had to have done that on purpose!

Suddenly her phone rang.  She talked quietly to whoever was on the other end, the hung up.  Excusing herself with a “…it was nice talking with you” and a cute smile, she leaned forward, towards me to pick up her handbag from the floor.  Man, those boobs really were amazing, obviously natural, they were big, heavy and had a nice wobble to them, I wanted to shove my face between them there and then!

She walked away and I never her saw her again.

I finished my coffee, thinking of those pendulous breasts.  I could not concentrate on my emails so had put my laptop away.  As soon as I finished my coffee, I got my things together and left to go to the loo.  I did not plan to jerk off in there, but with the door locked behind me, I pulled my cock out and felt my semi-erection in my hand.

I took off my coat, and hung it on the hanger on the back of the door and leaned against the wall.  I started tracing my finger up and down my dick.  With my eyes closed I imagined it to be ‘big tits’ tongue.  Then I grabbed my dick, thinking all the while of ‘big tits’ on her knees between my legs, enveloping my hard dick in her both, sucking me harder and faster while her naked boobs swung and bounced, occasionally hitting my legs.

In just a few moments I shot my load all over the wall opposite, thinking of ‘big tits’ mouth filling with the hot stuff, and it running down her chin, dripping on to her massive melons while she rubbed it in like skin cream.

I quickly cleaned up after myself and exited the toilet.  Luckily there was nobody else waiting, or they would surely have smelled what I had just been doing!

I know that ‘big tits’ will be in my dreams for some time to come.  I don’t mind.